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Cristchurch in New-Zealand, there is a practice scene that the person who have not the controll license either can manipulate the helicopter. The experience here was the very exciteed. First, goes to a shallow water upon the river, and its a basic way for practice of hovering and It can be said the most suitable flight person for the helicopter.

It is possible even to become basic operation here The view from the mahatma temple of just the sightseeing yesterday with the bus. The price is also low in two piece one of the shuttlecock which moves with a usual gasoline engine for the helicopter named this R2 beta. Naturally, does not control by onecelf, but sits near the teacher and the control ring is connected in the under.

This is the cockpit of the helicopter. When the takeoff and landing , the instructor who sat on the left seat and takes it operated. It is because each other life is precious. It can be operated freely and i got excited terribly by this operation.Than any other vehicles, it got excited. Because a body is small, so flying myself on the sky. After this experience , I came to like this vehicle.

It is the beautiful ground. It looks at Mount Cook from the pasture obi of the southeastern central. Though it is a periodic bus. It stops like a sightseeing bus to the beauty spot in everywhere. Cause a rugged mountain is not inland part though it is an island country. Scenic is very beautiful. What is the sense made this widespace.

It is unusual in the jetboat of a shotover river in New Zealand and this river is valleys. It is the best place for the jetboat of this enough power. The boat hangs and the shout of joy goes up to a rock close every time. It runs and the water spray hangs to the crew head by a full turn of 360 degrees. The boat here is the highest though there are a lot of jetboats in this country.

I hear the emigration from the man and wife and Netherlands which sat with the train goes from Dunedin to Cristcharch of south island. Here is so look likes in zealand of the hometown from the beautiful geographical features liked well. They live in Auckland and the new lunar calendar which he that he is an astronomer invented has been sent to Japan with the letter. It was travel of a happy train of the toast with wine along whale's seen sea.

It is a Helicopter ski to New Zealand's which yearned. we climbs the top of a mountain in the skiing scene named Queenstown paste Remarkable with the helicopter at a stretch, I shut well, the scenery is also very good for the snow, and a gentle slope leads to the skiing scene in the foot in this mountain though the rock goes out a little by a suitable size.

To the top of a mountain taking helicopter and pilot. The helicopter was made in France and it was the newest thing in this company.

Major Road of New Zealand. It dashes at 110 km but as for this, in this country road which is not a highways, all roads are this speed. At first, it is confused at the high-speed sense but it covers by the operation capability. The efficiency of the car is the most important. The car should not parking at the shoulder of the road. As the souvenir, the sheep whisle avoidance decided to buy me.

Arrived at none of west coasts which are when entering separation from minor road from the expressway entering by about one hour. There is Great Barrier Reef in the other side of this sea. My mind will change if camping for about few weeks in such places.

The View from here over Christchurch City and the Canterbury Plains is well worth Seeing. Looks down at Christ-Church from Sign of Takahe are beautiful sight. Because oil is not used for heating only electricity is used, air is beautiful though the season are winters in this country. It seems that the cloud slightly hangs to the city when seeing from this height. It is a very fantastic scenery.

Remarkables-Skiground. all of rental excluding for Skiing. Not too much snow conditions. But the facilities good using.and a lot of Hawk was surprised. Here i met a famous authority of the skin cancer of the Otago university Dr.Elwood and his family. and i will visit to their houses in Dunedin.

It is a famous Tongarilo castle. Originally, the castle doesn't exist in this country. This place is a sightseeing Hotel for the excursion visitor. However, in spite of not being a classy hotel, it is bustling. When overlooking a castle from the sky, the castle is at the center of the national nature park.There are many visitors who do a ski or trecking tour visitors.

This Mount Egumont is said as Mt Taranaki with the word Maori language of the aborigines. It is such a beautiful mountain that Japanese Mt Fuji was made a little and small. All the foreign ships which into the port of New primous are deeply impressed by the beauty of this mountain. My father gave me write of the school children. This time, it is the plan of climb this beautiful mountain by the airplane and the car.

This time, it is put this airplane. Though there was no schedule that today splashed, but asked specially, and it could fly. Even if the operation of this is plane, it is easy and sufficient by an drive sense of the car. But it was difficult to go in the direction of the purpose because it was the sky which a thing was not in. It was pleasant flight though it came to feel sick a little by operation myself. It got badge of the commemoration from the pilot.

It is the car rented in the airport. This Ford runs very comfortably. It was a pleasant drive by the road circumstance of this country. There are fewer cars than what. Passes are nothing all the cars which let's run in local miner road. All the cars which pass are nothing. It is the left passing, and a Japanese doesn't have a sense of incongruity. When it travels in this country by car, it is understood that this is the country terribly.