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Country Australia of eternal summer.Bigger cay GreatBarrier reef.From Japan gets on Catamaran and i goes to the uninhabited island.Arrives at the island which can have been done in the coral when the sea which clears completely continues by about one hour.It are in just shallow place of about two meters a lot of lobster shellfishes and, Is here the SCUBA and is enough if there is a snorkeltube.

Michelmas-key of GreatBarrier reef is wild bird's koronii and here and there, there is a bird.The parent threatens when approaching the bird of just the birth.The person are put only in the beach though it on a small island.Do not want to come to such places and to be poked by the bird.Here is the highest in and yet and I didn't think that is unexpectedly.And yet here is high divert oneself this unexpectedly think!

There are about two hours in the recesses of a mountain from Cairns.Arrives at the place which is called an out backing by Ausy The Rafting descending can be done.The captain shouts that crocodilian goes out when the crew drops in water in the funny one.When having dropped, the person who thinks urination is serious.When the river descending ends, all crew became nice friends.

AyersRock is a holy hometown of Aborijinal.The surface is a scenery according to acid rain wonderful when parting though is getting rough. There was an effect which had come from the hotel early in the morning. As far as the eye can reach is a horizon. The seen place in the horizon has not existed any longer Holy rock which exists heavily at center of Australia in Japan. What is this impressing? All gather here with the camera when becoming this time because dyeing red is only little time.

Climbed the rock.This is frightened. Anything is not on the way the lie to the earth when mistaking by one step and drop either Additionally, it is windy and difficult to stand It is also very difficult to have photograph However, the horizon of 360 degrees is only seen even in case of being in the top of this rock when often thinking. The nature adhered after going up to no complete interest. Moreover,getting off is serious and cries because a young Japanese girl cannot get off. The reason for it is to be able to look down to the under unlike going up. It was very scared.

There was a food procurement tour of the desert.The Vegitarian is worried a little though enters OutBack deep taking such cars. lives similarly to Aborijnal. They toys and are the same like 4WD car etc. which are about often to be seen in the town in Japan. The off loading car is something ?.It is the one there is a tire for the emergency, is a fuel for the emergency, there is a shortwave transceiver for the emergency, and with the food for the emergency. Anyway,if it is not this, it is fatal The Southern Cross which had been seen with here and Yurara was moving. Why such a lot of stars might be here!.