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Yearning MatterHorn.When I was young, it is a mountain thought to go in the vicinity at one time. There is only Switzerland's indeed boasting and in the magnificence is the wonderful one. I stayed about 3 days and I was looked admiringly from all angles to the appearance of this mountain. Here is a restaurant which is during climbing to Klein MatterHorn. The anorak is necessary for here though it was a midsummer when cold and entering shade. The skier down here and goes up to top by the high-speed Ropeway. MatterHorn is a meaning called a horn in meadow. Shape is passed like a Swiss side only in the mountain. Not unique but three corner type though that looks beautiful from Italy.

It is possible to ski by borrowing the skiing tool complete set in 30 Switzerland franc in here and Bernese Oberland. When skiing ends, the proof badge to ski with Top of Europe can be gotten here to be called Top of europe and to ski even because of sum.

It is the famous Eiger north wall. The name is given to the wall vertically sheer respectively, why this name was for instance given to "Bivouac of the death" etc. or it is easy to imagine. The train for Top of Europe is running in this north wall today. Another reason with a famous this mountain is to often see from GrindelWald. As for the view in the 1000 meter super wall from Grindelwald. I am moved.

It is possible to enter the glacier when walking about 30 minutes from getting off of the bus with the tunnel in the glacier. There is a glacier clock in the entrance and whether the glacier meters every tens years how many moved is understood. However, it is not certain whether this clock is accurate. It is understood that there is a tunnel of ice when entering the inside and the sweat moves backward in a short time. Like in the tunnel partitioned in each room, there are a lot of sculptures made from ice just like the museum. In interesting me, thousands of as many as 10000 years are for the wall which became like ice to melt little by little being pressed the snow of tens of meters and for old air to pop and to be filled in the tunnel.

What are the one and this of the fragment of the stone confined in this glacier? It might be a fragment of the tableware which our human races' ancestors used and when space aliens come flying the earth at this time, this which might be the fragment of the landing stand of his spaceship which they used becomes happy only because it imagines. The outside can indulge to meditation here hot though is a recesses of a mountain of Switzerland. Because, an old object is encountered for man and as many as 10000 thousands of years when only 40 years pass.

Klein Matterhorn is in the middle of Italy and Switzerland and Monte-Rosa's climb gate. Only has to walk slowly though it is also somewhat painful that the altitude breathes in the vicinity to 4000meters. When seeing here with Zermatt, the mountain not seen to famous constrict. Here becomes a skiing piste scene and returns to slipping getting off and a Swiss side once on an Italian side. The snow of the shaved glacier is smooth and a slippery place for many skier.

There is flow of the big glacier which it goes down exactly to the back from Jungfraujoch. It is an Aletch glacier. Aletch is largest glacier in western Alps (app.20 km long), and a permanent meteorological observatory is situated on mountain ridge. The deep solid glacier where a person is kept off and so big, and then gently far, and goes down. A mountaineer is walking when it is seen well.Its make line, and its walking in the flat white ground. There is what on earth under this glacier.

It is the observatory of Klein Matterhorn.There is height above sea level 3820m.It is stifling when it walks in the stairs a little. It found out the reason though it was said that the attendant of rpoeway station didn't get flustered and it walked slowly. It isn't returned easily because they are highlands once it is short of the breath.It passes through the tunnel for a while, and goes to this observatory. It is very cold. However, a view from here is an excellent view. It can be seen through to Mont-Blanc which is far in France. There is a mountain trail road to Monte-Rosa from here. Many mountaineers go up from here. It is the distance of only less than 1000m from here to the summit of Monte-Rosa. Climbing a mountain from here can't climb it if it is not an experienced person because air is light.

Here is Kleinescheidegg. It is the transfer point of the mountain railroad. A train climbs to a Jungfraujoch from the inside of the mountain of Eiger. There is no perpetual snow around here yet. A beautiful flower blooms in this season, and a hike can be done freely, too. It comes down the mountain trail just under the north wall of Eiger, and it can go down to Grindelwald.

I who doesn't have the strength which climbs Matterhorn take care of this Helicopter again. But, it admires it when it flies in such a high place well. And, this helicopter is not for the sightseeing chiefly by the one for the mountain rescue. It is said that an accident never happens by now when sightseeing flight is done. I am relieved and ride on.

Matterhorn is seen from the neighborhood.The ridge of the corner is very rugged, and seems to go on the knife. On the way, there is a house which is a little cottage between the rock and the rock.It is probably the only hut. You must train yourself for more than one week with the group to climb this.You must pass it to the examination of climbing a vertical rock at the constant time. It is very impossible to me.

It is the entrance of the mountain trail of Matterhorn. This route is the most famous, and all goes up from here. There is Ropeway here again.A sightseer has this mountain seen with the very close range.

It is Ropeway which climbs Schilthorn.There is a rotation view restaurant summit of a mountain which come out the movie of 007.It is said that it is the best place about to see Eiger,Mönch,jungfraujoch. Here is the panorama of 360 times.A group sightseer doesn't come very much. It is the place to see the grandeur of Bernaoberland quietly fully.

An Italian side from Klein Matterhorn is overlooked. The end of rpoeway which it has climbed from the Italian side can be seen. Many skiers are here.I have it taken down at that side on this next day by helicopter. It confirmed whether it really got off here to the pilot.But my trip to Italy begins from here. There won't be many sightseers who enter a country from such a summit of a mountain.

It is the trip of the bus which gets over a Switzerland pass. A snowy valley is besider of a road, and seems to be Switzerland. They get over a big motorcycle, a camper, a rugged Switzerland pass.