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It is the second big city after Lisbon of Portugal. One of the purposes of the travel at this time was to have drunk delicious Port-wine. This wine-barrel might get drunk only by smell very good doing for walking. The table for sampling is prepared in the terrace and coming as like as can be drunk and it is needless to say that the feast started with the French group who turned to this another cord round big-barreles.

To the Douro river which flows in the PORT city, the sightseeing ship of the river descent. Vila Nova de Gaia a lot of factories of the famous port wine in the opposite shore and they are service to the excursion visitor. It is possible to drink a lot of Vintage class wine which it is possible to drink only here. In spite of the nearness with the estuary, there were children who are swimming with water being clean.

There are a lot of batteries because of being Castelo-Sao-Jorge which can be looked about the whole area in Lisbon and the fortress of the Rome age. Do not decide the hotel of tonight still, either go down from the Castelo mountain. Looking for the hotel in the town seen below the feast already. And the spot of the semifinal of Coupe-du-monde is projected onto a large-scale television in the central plaza in Lisboa.

Cabo-da-Roca on the west edge of Eurasia continent. This day seemed to be very strong wind thrown at the Atlantic Ocean, so not to set up to the capeside. The certificate which came to the extremity of Europe is issued in the sightseeing information office here. It was charge gave up this time. A lot of tourists might have been buying it. This day is scheduled to go to Sintra castle gardening like Eden.

Beginning of the travel this time. Feelings in the border with Spain which was seen when coming from Paris to the train. When hearing in the Information, BEJA is so in the very beautiful city. It is in the city as the monument in the Roman times rotted away. This scenery didn't change from the times of Vasco da Gama.

Nobody of border gates which go to Spain of away more and more hereafter in Portugal at here Rosal-de-la-Frontera. There might not be Japanese tourist who exceeds the border from such way. I could spend gentry time in Beja. I exchanged all money with the separation in Portugal for a Spanish Pesetas. Hereafter, the grand long travel and hot Spain will start.