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looked at from Wax doll Museum for dam open space. Various arts are seen here on saturday and sunday. Wherever it walks, this town is returned here. It comes here if it walks for 10 minutes from the Amsterdam station through the famous DAMRAK main street. This the street called that it is the liveliest with Amsterdam. A bicycle was borrowed, and it tried to run about. There is some road priority in the bicycle more than the walker in this town, and a bicycle is running about by our thing face. The bicycle which this brake lever was not in perplexed me a little.

This is Concert Gebouw of Amsterdam. It is the first to come though it is the name which it got used to listening to long ago on the radio. Tries to buy an Concert ticket, it is impossible already. It felt still different from the concert hall of the country. Therefore, the day went to Gogh museum in the interview.

A diamond grinding studio at the side of the Dam open space of Amsterdam city. It is made to do a study tour and a souvenir can be bought. Because I disliked a diamond, I made it only see it. Where of such a glass ball is good.

The publici internet terminal that seen in everywhere of Amsterdam. It is standing up in the alley such no popularity. When this is here an overseas tour can do e-mail and internet access very easily. Mobile-PC seems to be unnecessary the person of this country coursed it. It was made in Germany.

Internet mail is written with Sheraton Hotel Amsterdam. There is only a high-class hotel so not only equipment is very good but also Breakfast was good too. As for the internet mail it is convenient.

A waterway to lead to house of Anne Frankhuis. There is no waterway between the lands but an alley is between the waterway. The means that it actually arrives to the destination early is a ship.

It arrives at the reclaimed land Volendam when it goes north as a little as 20Km by bus through a certain ground from city Amsterdam. As for the people, it is the town which a living is made with the tourisem. The thing which put the salted food of the herring in the bread is very delicious. It rides on the ship for about 30 minutes to goes to Markan Island.

This is best if you wants to see old Dutch scenery. Such Windmill can see it any more only for the sightseeing. I thought that it was still in this country was lack of understanding. wood en shoes are made here in the same way as the old days before ours.Tree shoes are made here in the same way as the old days before the sightseer. Delicious cheese again is sold too.