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When getting off the mountain in Switzerland in Italy, I sat in the train with one uncle. I hear that there is only here in the sightseeing ground encouraged by the foreigner in Italy of now according to the uncle. I can do nothing but go there if said. When eating around the station and having entered into the town, I takes the train from Milan, Arrived at Florence and i was surprised because the alley is narrow and there are a lot of marks which the car cut down in the building and it is unsightly and a historical building is helpless. A lot of leather products sell in open air and the one which the brand name of the famous brand product does not draw sells to me cheaply. I did not answer even if i was talked in "Hello" and Japanese. And i came to be able not to turn around the Chapel bridge.

The traveler who comes from the country in Italy arrives at this Rome railway station. Here is capital Rome in country Italy where thief's eminent country and the thief have citizenship also in the world. The voice "luggage stolen" has been heard in premises of the station on the day when i arrived. I stayed at this near hotel and went out around the station at midnight. Then it was a country there different from daytime. It is not possible to be relieved wherever it is. This country might be a country which wants to stay once when effective in the Japanese girl though it wants to flit on refugees who eat with the roof of the car on the roads there not be hesitation in the night stall either part early by the shoplifting boys and such countries.

Here is famous Colosseo. It is as famous as to imagine these remains if Rome. It is divided into the charged the second floor and the first free floor. Even if it goes alone there are many group sightseers of each country and so many guide with you.

With the sightseeing of the town of Firenze. When it walks from the station it cannot but cross this bridge by all means. There are many men who call a road along the river without constraint. You had better think that it is a thief completely. Even if it calls it you must not turn around. When it becomes target it has a mark left for a while. They are probably what and a town to dislike.

It is this Breuil when it gets off from Switzerland. Matterhorn is the mountain which be mere as before. It is said that a day trip sightseer from Switzerland comes well. There were a famous brand store and souvenir shops so many. It will get off here to the village and i will go to Trino.