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A big city in the German west, a town Dusseldorf to be famous. This is the start point of the trip of this car. It is very comfortable when a car is borrowed and it runs about in the city at once. The trip to Marchenstrabe begins tomorrow. It decides to go to the bar said as the longest counter in Germany which is here so that Bolker street which takes beside of this Reine river may pass tonight.

It takes pictures of the inside the car on the way to go to Frankfurt from Koln by itself. The speed of 110Km goes even for this. It is prepared well, and it drives on autobahn of this country easily. If only one is observing the rule, it is said that there is no accident.

Koblenz which is the terminal of the descent of the Rhein river. The trip that it goes up this river on tomorrow begins. A town Koblenz is clean, and it is the river resort area of the inland. There is a ship due at the place such as a boat and a ferry along the river. The people are coming so that it can take a walk in the promenade .

The origin of the name of Koblenz is the meaning of the junction by Latin. Deutdches-Eck It is being called with the corner of Germany. This begins as a Roman town, and there is an age when it was occupied by France in the modern ages, too. The central Rhein museum Mitteirhein-Museum is in the Festung-Ehrenbreitsteind fortress of the interview. The tool and so on used for the manufacture of the wine only in the famous place of production of the wine from the old days is displayed.

A Pfalz castle is in Kaub in the river. The ferry of comes out from the riverside in one hour. This castle was built in the sandbank of this river to collect a tax from the vessel which ran in the Reine river in the 14th century. An old castle hotel was in the shore which it looked at from this castle. It didn't know a way, and going there was given up.

This is Burg-Katz. It is the famous castle which is here to take beside of the Reine river. But even if it being famous, it is not a tourist spot but an individual residence. I couldn't enter though I had difficulty and it walked to the castle. A climbing rope was as much as to be here though it climbed it very severely like mountain pass. What kind of people live in such a castle. It is very envious.

An old castle hotel around St.Goorshausen. I couldn't be discovered though a way to climb this castle was looked for. Such many old castles are in the Rheine river basin.

The little sign which passes when it does carelessly stands. It is Loreley which this is famous in. It was said that the ship crew whom a strange singing voice sounded like and who listened ran aground. The river which curved greatly is the dangerous place which runs aground. The bottom of a river was made deep now, so it passed easily. Because the way which it climbed from the bottom was the suspension, i made a detour by car, and arrived at the summit of loreley.

It arrived at Boppard when it went along the Rhine river from Koblenz and ran for about one hour to upper reach. There is such a ferry in the important point because it is the Reine river which a bridge is scarce in. The scenery which was Germany could be seen, and the opposite side was beautiful. It decided to be satisfied with the scene more quietly than this shore this time.

Drosselgrasse of famous Rudesheim and a good wine bar are about to be collected here. It is said that the enormous wine of the Rhine riverside is consumed only in this street. When it goes through the alley of way width 2m, many restaurants with the live performance and it is very lively. I drank wine only here at once. Then because it was delicious too much, no less than three glasses were taken with what. A hotel was decided near the place with the ship, and the day became wine wine wine.

The boy girls who put on the red hood being used by Grimm fable gather in central Market place open space of the town, and a dance is introduced. This town ALSFELD is the entrance of Marchen Strabe. The color used for the hood changes together with their age, and the child whose age is small suffers red most. German seems to like this festival.Such a gathering is held in the open space on every Sunday.

The little town of Germany which is here in the middle of Marchen-Strabe. It is the town of the typical German inland part. An observatory was on the mountain. A trip around such a still town is this theme. It seems that my trip going at long last in the prosperity.

Symbol Sababurg old castle hotel of Marchen Strabe. A garden to overlook from the terrace. The time when it was comfortable in the German country passes. The sunset into this scenery. It has a dinner in the hotel restaurant of the terrace with seeing it. Some fish made a smoked was very delicious.

In the terrace of the Sababurg castle. It is one of these events that it stays at the famous old castle hotel. It is on the hill of the German country. This is famous for whether as well to be old German castle hotel, and it is said that it can be hardly reserved within the season. This is said as the castle of Rose princess by Grim fable. It had a meal in the restaurant with seeing the sunset that two sets guest except for me in the terrace tonight. It is weird at night in the stillness that it was never experienced before.

It is a road sign to see well in this district. The speed limit of the tank is higher than the truck. A German tank is efficient.

It is the town which the Elbe river came to as an important traffic means from long ago. The steamship of each country crowded, and a limit of the prosperity was done in the Big Voyage age. The gateway of the world is said even now. It is an international trade port to be proud of the amount of landing of the European the first prize. An errand Hamburg historical museum is visited for study. My father came here 40 years ago, too, and it might probably do in the same way as me. It went for the supper to Fischerhaus restaurant it thought that my father may have gone.

The city map of Hamburg. I stayed at this town for about two days, and the sightseeing closely. I wanted to live in the very big city. It is the town of the history of the big voyage age and a good balance that modern life combined with each other.

As for the Elbe river basin, it turns by this pleasure boat is fast most. It begins in the warehouse which has been used from the age of old Guild. It is here to the modern. It is a wide river like the sea.

Famous Wasserschlob Gluucksburg as a water castle of chalk. It is being used even at present as a residence. It is fantastic beauty when it is seen from the promenade in the neighborhood. The Danish border has already been that soon. It is cold now in the night though it is summer when it comes here. The restaurant where fish and shells was eaten at this night was being heated already.

It is a resort area along the German baltic sea. Summer passes a little, and goes into the basket of windbreak on the chilly beach, and there are people who read a book freely. As for the sea, the beach which only bird is in more than cloudy is sad. The blessing of a few suns is taken seashore. It is probably why that strangely a mind feels at ease.

I got such a ticket in the German country. When i was returned to the car, what and such paper on my car its the time cutting of the car parking meter. It doesn't know what at all,it is written by German. It was paid soon as much as 20 Mark at the bank. This is the Souvenir of the drive, too.