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Now, here the view of the place in nostalgic Paris from the Monparnasse-tower. This place have my memories 25 years ago revive. I was in Paris, to know this town, stroll meaningless, and be not able to sympathize with her who was together. She is now where and what might be doing.

The bridge is not new though here is a meaning such as Pont-Neuf bridge. Now, Paris has become sightseeing point. Now i became a free tourist. I thought that I will never take this ship when i was living in Paris. The scenery in riverside does not change in old times and only beauty is saving.

Pont-des-Art is seen from the Cite island. Here is a place to which the street artist of Paris. The noise on quietness and the road in both shores in the Seine does not reach here when coming here. I think that it is a suitable place to write the picture calmly in Paris. Naturally it is unnatural that i am here.

It is familiar Eiffel tower. I climbed this long ago in the stairs. And because it becomes decrepit very much the French who like an old-fashioned thing are happy. It was said that a view was the most beautiful in Paris. If it said why because the tower Eiffel couldn't be seen. But because it is rusting soon a tower won't be said any more either.