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A Danish road. Though it is a normal road, there are many straight lines, and it is comfortable. A car must put light at noon as well in this country. Because all cars runs at high speed, it is said that it is the important autograph of knowing the direction of the car. It is almost an only night country if winter comes on. If an engine is started, it thinks that light to be turned on automatically.

Skagen at the tip of the northern end of Yutland Peninsula of European Continent. It is suitable for saying the north end of Europe, and it rains, and cold even in summer, and the sun is delicate. The car to go for this sand beach. It is the car which pulls an street trum car by tractor. It runs the inside of the deep fine sand that a person doesn't walk easily and powerfully.

It arrives at the tip of the sandy beach when it drives a special car for 20 minutes. From the right the wave put on which covered from the Baltic sea. From the left, a wave to wash from the North Sea. The strange sight which it hits exactly is seen. It is the scene which is really suitable for the north end of European Continent.

An Andersens Museum in the third Danish city Odence. Many familiar fables were displayed.

The Yutland Peninsula, a way to extend to Germany. A city Arhus in the forked road which it goes to Kobenhavn and Hamburg. The piggyback fight was introduced that the people who dressed up as the Viking were famous for the market place of the city.The smoked food of the herring was very delicious. A Japanese sightseer was never seen here. As for a trip by a car, it is convenient.