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Here is Principat d'Andorra which is the last destination of my travel at this time. The moon is clearly seen in getting the mountain at the center and pure and innocent of air in the mountain is understood well. The commodity can shop freely all over the world by the gathering exemption from taxation. In Pirenee which is the border between France and Spain and these countries which appeared suddenly to be deep. It can be said Hong-Kong of Europe. It was a day which was able to shop slowly after a long time for me and satisfied though crowded the boutique where a high-level brand goods lined up was jammed with the shopping guest from the foreign country.

There are stairs to the heights to overlook a town. It got tired very much when it finally climbed it by the thought. The forced schedule of a trip to Spain was before long and had an influence. It was relieved the city bus because it was put and succeeded and it could get off to the French side though was no bus tomorrow. This is being called with European Hong Kong. The many duty-free article counter of the famous brand is in the town. It is the town which cames to once and wanted to look.

The Pirenee mountain which mountain range to far. There is snow on the road when exceeding with bus. Saying that even that Napoleon cannot have done thing easily exceeded. It thinks that it is true that there is a border here. The town la tourde de carol of the border stagnated very much by passing customs of the bus. It gets off here to France.

Principat d'andorra is the country of the size which is same as the little Japanese city. It is in the mountain of rugged Pirenee, and an important road is limited. I thought that it was the condition which was suitable for the trade country. A famous brand store and restaurant,hotel, and so on line up with anyplace in the town. You may make it a resort for all seasons.