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Northern Mariana Islands

look at the sunset with the balcony of the hotel. beautiful sun which falls into the sea. It couldn't be experienced so much in my life.

This is private beach in front of the hotel. Though it is private beach, anyone comes in. Therefore, the trip agent who came from South Korea, Indonesia and China was jumbled up, and the acquisition of the tour guest began here It with the law is not to call the guest whom other agents have already gotten in them agent. I was surprised at the memory of them who memorize the face of the tour guest in a moment. I made friends with one agent here, and I could spend pleasant time.

They are the highest mountain, Mt Tapotchao on this island. The island can be overlooked from the summit of this mountain. On the way to climb this mountain, it passed by the front of someone's cottage. There was a scene very much in the good place. It felt happy when there was time to live here with my long life. However, I may do tedium when it is a long-term stay.

It is the evening sun which it looks at my room of the hotel. Red time passes until when as well. When my eye got accustomed to red. A cloud shines red in place of the sun. If it turns around and thinks, when I am still young. seen in this at that time. today's evening sun is vivider. Then, the sun which will be seen in the future is more beautiful. Now, I can't compare it.

There is no one who swimnings in the beach. A coral reef leads far, and the sea is shallow. A canoe is rowed, and went to the tank which sunk down to the coral reef. water is shallow and clean. I like this canoe because the inside of the sea is seen more beautiful rather than Jet bike runs. A little island is behind me. The people come to this island, and go to the island which gets crowded why to avoid a crowd.

The northern end of the island which was a hot fight at the time of the world wide war. This is being called Banzai cliff. Many people died. Now, it is a quiet. ut, a religious body makes many tombs and remains, and lively. Is there what kind of purpose except for the peace. I want it to be quiet eternally.

This is too famous Grotto in diver. It is the cave formed by undermining of the seawater. When the diver gather, it is said that about this cave always begins. A heavy air cylinder is carried on the back, and get down 110-step stairs. Some years pass, an elevator will be built here. Because, it is only a Japanese divers.