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There is an interesting temple of snake temple in here and the Penang island. Besides, there is no sightseeing showplace rather than with this temple. Especially, though it was not an unusual temple. A man showed up suddenly when going to the inside and the snake was put on my hand. I cant possible to move in dependence of being surprised. Then, a man put snakes how many further on the head and he shoulder. This animal is a god here though not liked by this animal so much as for me.

Johour state in sultan palace and Malaysia. It is a palace on the hill in Singapore in the south end which can be looked about the guard is standing when proceeding to the building made quiet. Here is still a holy royal palace. The admission fee is an American dollar was necessary to buy. Don't the people to be put here. There was a peddler who was anywhere in the plaza in the way back if it was sightseeing ground.

It might have been disappointed because I did not buy anything in spite of a tourist. I decided to chat because I was sorry for them as them. Sometimes to buy expensive one though embarrassed because there is a norm. I variously heard this country which travel to them now.

It is Petronas Twin towers in KLCC of the capital of Malaysia built recently.The ground and underground are City Center though. It can't be raised to the top because its an office building. It is only in the shade because it is terribly hot though it is a tropical garden and a neighborhood is beautiful. The action film which moved this tower to the stage in the returning flight was shown.

It is the sunset of Kuala-Lumpur international airport. It seems to be the country of the low latitude, and the sunset in the tropical jungle is beautiful. This sunset which is suitable for the start of a big trip to begin.

Famous Kuala-lumpur railroad station. It is the end of the railroad which ran 2000Km from Bnagkok all the way. It is the building where Moore-type Mosque was made. A railroad station hotel is inside.