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The Yoido plaza is the airport of being in front of the president prefecture. Run aboutning is the rental bicycle very pleasant. It is a nice plaza there is everything in case of the roller skates and a other engines one.

The morning glow is here the famous Korean Sunrise of Kunlung. From hotel room in beach to morning glow in a half of which everything seen. I am impressed when thinking that is Japan where the morning has already dawned in the direction which lightens gradually.

It arrived at the seaside country town when it went south for about four hours by local bus from Kangrung. There is big hotel when i ride on the taxi again from this town and goes into the mountain for about 30 minutes. There is a hot spring in that, and it must seem to stay at this hotel by all means. A pleasure does seem that be except for the hot spring without surroundings. Two restaurants are in the hotel. One is a Korean-style restaurant. I didn't waver in my mind, and I went into the Korean restaurant. It rambles through the surroundings, and goes into the hot spring many times. Only a hot spring comes in, and local korean people seems to go back. I like the lively seaside town more than the hotel of such depths of a mountain. Music alarm in the morning to this hotel at 5 o'clock for the hike guest. I was set up early in the morning. A cave was near here, and i was made sightseeing. All the big raw fish was eaten by one in the seaside restaurant on this way back. It is good if this is close to Seoul. Time hangs here rather than it is far from Seoul and it comes back to Japan.