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I got many times and inherited an airplane from Japan and at last arrived here. This is a town of the Arctic Circle, a yellow knife airport. Because it is the season beginning, there are a few crowds of an airport. A polar bear met me in an airport terminal. The outside cold was cold as I expected it. In an airplane, I was taught some words of an aborigine of this district by a Canadian to live in this town.

Night, it being cold is more than imagination, and an engine has been broken that without an electric heater. I understood that I did not run if a car was cold. A car of cold districts specification runs well in Japan in winter, but is insufficient here. When a senior citizen of this district retires from work, they leave this ground and seem to have gone to a south warm district. I can understand their feeling well. I am weak in cold, too.

It is a comparatively old hotel in this town, but it is a hotel made by a precious tree in this district. It is assumed that transportation expense of a tree is expensive than building costs. The daylight hours reduce the reason and say that the reason is because a tree does not grow greatly. There is only a tree of height of a person when I watch a hit. In the hotel, never comfortable in gorgeousness, There is not a way in the Arctic Circle.

Greatest purpose of this trip is look at Aurora. But there is not a chance so many. I move by car to far remote aurora observation place and look up the sky. lot of stars around upside. I am overwhelmed in number and brightness of a star. At the day without a moonlight.many stars shines brightly, and just like this place seems to be Times square when an eye fits darkness. A physical sense disappears gradually.

I escape into a hut in too much cold and take the warmth. when I drink warm coffee to soup of a reindeer and draw breath. A hut was defeated noisily. Aurora appears in all directions when I go out, What beautiful And the sense of the wonder. Fortunately I thoroughly was able to enjoy a certain aurora for the purpose of a trip of this time.

It is morning, but, as for this time period, it is late that the sun rises. However, I am very glad that even short time looks at the sun. A human being is the animal which cannot live without the sun.

The big lake where there are 33 times of japanese lake Biwa. There is a road of ice to the opposite. and there is an airport too. A climate is stable by the plains of this wide ice and therefore without a cloud. I am convenient without rain to look at the aurora. Time is noon but is calm light now Supper of this evening is a fish of this lake.

It is a start of adventure. The protection against the cold equipment is complete. Because I run at full speed toward the wind. it is colder than imagination. I learn a way of management of a dog sledge in the bank of a lake. I have been taught the light airplane and the management of a helicopter by a past. However I have not steered animals. Will dogs obey my order? I am very a pleasure. but it is worry.

Mr Beck and his dogsled which became three times a champion in the past. A heavy visitor such as me gets on this dogsled and is calm even if i jump intensely. It is made with a very very strong tree. If this dogsled is built with iron. it bends during a run and a crease and i will be bounded off. It is the very convenient vehicle which carries me well.

His six dogs stop by my order and run and bend. Dogs are trained to very well and carry me to a destination when they order dogs, and I cry. Because I was heavy. the dogs seemed to be hard. Snow got wet at this day so speed fell gradually heavily. The excrement of dogs flies. A smell will bear for a while.