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This place is the concert hall which is in the Downtown LA. There is spout putting-together and the many excursion visitor is playing, that it seems that it is delightful, but according to the music, there is a person who becomes soggy sometimes and water is an interesting place from the fountain. The famous concert seemed frequently played but i could not hear this time.

This place is the piazza which is at the center of Chinatown. The time is the afternoon, the figure is sparse. I strolled all over in the Corner after eating to be clumsy. A few of the idea and were picturing busy Chinatown to come across well in the movie saw the city to have made to do this deserted and were disappointed. Like always, I bought the copy of the famous brand goods. There is the Union railway station near this and it can lead to Mexico. Then, this place is good if the souvenir shop, the restaurant of Mexican range in the neighborhood at this station and buying a good skin product.

It is the Chinese temple which is near Rodeo drive LA. There are lot of bills of the famous person in the floor. No one will turn in the seeing even if there is my bill. Even though, most of the excursion visitors, this place is Dangerous place very much. It is the place where had better walk, thinking that it is Seri completely except it. This is not a joke.

It is the seashore of Santa Monica. As for making the seashore which faces to Paciffic, the wave is small, and to stroll on the beach, it leaks and is the dark time. The city is the small which is possible to make the rounds of walking, but extremely busily, there are a shop of Schwartzneggaer and so on as much as the inside on the street and it aren't bored. Even though, it is surprised at what are many excursion visitor of Japanese.

This is Universal Studios. From Downtoun by car, about 40 minutes. Let's come back today to the child's, and enjoy it here fully. There is a stage set used some movies in a remembrance. Demonstration is done from the explanation such as a movie and shown. There is Jurassic Park and so on by the recent movie. This day got tired very much.