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Alas it is not possible to rise from Grand Canyon. Of the yearning and lower river and from an upper observatory. We takes the helicopter the cactus which has never been seen. Has gotten a lot before to the place should not to the place from an observatory uuuuuh it's Bonanza!.

This is a helicopter which we took. with rain leaks. Another does not have such convenient vehicles. It is the Grand Canyon most suitable vehicle. I think that there is value of 300 dollars.

The valley can't go only the helicopter. We gets excited and we toasted with chmpagne with the accompanying Americans. And we existed soon in the thunder and the downpour after this. Most became soaked in this shape though we sheltered in the shadow of the helicopter. This machine helicopter is convenient for all members to jump onto the helicopter by panicking and to go on the cloud.

Mt rock which it can't climb from the bottom. It has a shape like a landing base. It is a like natural heliport. It feels long time in Mt rock which weathered.

Surroundings are stillness itself when the engine of helicopter is stopped. The plant which has strange shape grows. It is a plant at the outback of the desert. A picnic is started. The bread, the cookie, and the wine were delicious. It was fascinated by a scene in the neighborhood, and it didn't just have a meal. Six people did self-introduction with all of the members, and introduced the schedule of the trip and so on to each other. When it did for a while, thunder sounded suddenly, and it began to rain. Though it was so fine some time ago. It noticed that there was no place to take shelter from rain when it is seen well at all. It was useless though it hid under bodies of the helicopter. Because there was no sign that rain stopped, a place was decided to be changed in the captain's judgment. It started an engine quickly, and an opportunity took off. It is fine with what when it is raised about 200m. I was seen a complicated weather phenomenon by the geographical features.

Lake Mead where it appeared on the desert suddenly. The water which collected at the low land of the desert. The oasis which no green. It is the uncanny lake which no one is in from the sky. This scene to fly and which appears suddenly is dramatic.

When going out of the city of the pleasure by one step, it is a ruined desert. In case of the big panic, the person became able to live in such a desert thanks to the dam which was made for the unemployed person measure. Couple of hours of this scenery which was looked at from Helicopter continue to on Grand-Canyon.

This time, they are the captain who operated this wonderful flight of mine, and a love machine. It seems to be Las Vegas, and there are classical music and captain's tourist guidance in the illustration of show girl beside the helicopter. It was an impressive day.

It is the pedestrian overpass which hangs on a route to cross Las Vegas. An escalator are stuck. It is because it has much electric energy by waterpower plant of Huber dam. When it goes to this point, the top of the pedestrian overpass is air-conditioned with the air curtain.

It is famous Freemont Street Experience. Million lights in the canopy are used to create a wonderful display of animated color images known as the Freemont Street Experience. The idea that let's make all the sky the screen of the movie seems to be an American. It is cold with the air-conditioning by this screen in the road of this, Casino of downtown even in the summer. Here is Casino Las vegas cradle, and many fans in this downtown Casino.

It is not a night now. As for this, with Casino of the Luxor hotel. It is huge space in the hotel of the pyramid type. It is still cold with the air-conditioning even in the summer. They are all the things that it is symbolized in the Egyptian civilization and the age. Because a building is a pyramid type, a guest room has a shape like a triangular attic. In fact this is prohibition of photography.

Viva Las Vegas!!. It is a town in the oasis of can costing in the town and the desert seen from the helicopter suddenly. The tourist comes all over the world with a lot of money, and all cash in hand is thrown away. It is terrible. Naturally, it is a pedestrian bridge of the escalator with the air conditioner in the road under hot weather.