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Lower Manhattan is seen from the ferry. It is this size even if only this leaves it. It is truly New York. After it was called New Amsterdam long ago by Dutch merchants, about 200 years. Who may have imagined that New York becomes the center of the world economy in the time.It was famous as a city which was the worst in the world which a gangster were rampant once in. But, the public order of this present of New York is what it did what with. The American who finishes saying a city is best in the safety now in this big reborn city as a tourist spot in the USA too.

Manhattan is seen from Empire State Building. There is a reduced drawing of the whole world here. So, all the worlds are summarized. this big capital is divided onto Uptown,Midtown,Lower Midtown,Downtown, and Lower Manhattan. Only this Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world when i was childhood. and I wanted to try to climb that building someday. Who was born in this generation could satisfy the wish now. The figure that this building where light was raised at night hid a head into the cloud is very fantastic.

Liberty Island with the American symbol,and the Statue of Liberty. New York air round from the Liberty helicopter tours port by the side of the United Nations. The sightseer who came by ship to New York receives all her blessings.

They are the inside stairs of the Statue of Liberty. This small spiral staircase is hung for no less than two hours, and it climbs it slowly. There is truly only an American symbol. A country visitor comes from America, and it is such condition every day. There is only an inside of the big figure, sound effects, often. The chorus of young Americans' group was very beautiful sound.

To tell the truth. I did'nt like country named United States so much. Because, I thought to here coming such shape was so far it. However was noticed to very much to get off the JFK actually and to come here. As average Japanese common sense to the United States rather than wrong. In the conclusion the United States is safe and is a standard country of the world and also a commonsense country.

Midtown is seen from World Trade Center. This building is taller than Empire State Building in New York. I climb it at a stretch to the roof after the strict body check. It is the height that it feels a change in the atmospheric pressure. It looks at the panoramic New York and Manhattan, Downtown for a while from the top. An old building and a high layer building are jumbled up, and it feels of the history of New York. The direction of one's home, a difference in my finger.

The policeman in New York is riding on the horse.This horse might be trained well and so as not to be surprised even at the flash of the camera and the horn of the car be trained. There might have been three horse riding policemen in the Battery-park. And the concert was just held up in the park come to the arrangement. White woman's horse riding policeman was very a beautiful woman. It was also in Times-square the horse riding policeman and was effective to improving the image up of New York not dangerous to the tourist opponent.

Goddess image of the United States free symbol arrives at the island from which the goddess of freedom from the battery park. The skyscraper of Manhattan which the ferry sees behind the paste becomes small. It is necessary to queue up for about one hour even if takes the early ship in the morning. There are many stairs climb to the crown when entering the building. With the goddess image in succession with American's tourist. Moreover, there is little space when climbing in a row. The sea is only seen when excluding from the window. There were a lot of groups of young Americans because it was just a day a little of the previous state of an independent day. I thought that here was a symbol of the nation of the United States.

There were a lot of young students in the Washington square. If the afternoon comes in the vicinity to the canvas of a New York state university, here is seen the large road art and becomes an oasis in the metropolis. There is SOHO and the shop of the young people who dressed up queues up to be near. This atmosphere it not is so and nor liking a high building to the city in Europe well in the vicinity drifts.

Passed many times palace Winter Garden of Broadway.The ticket had to queue up in Times Square.And was made movie appreciation thought entering first. Because entering alone is not so interesting.

It is TKTS, The Times Square Theater Center. Many people always make a queue that the people who see the Broadway Musical.

It can be and goes into New Jersey through NYC. It changes completely from the skyscraper, and it is a big plain. Momentarily, it is forgotten that this is America. It is the wonderful country of the one with the river, the one with the hill. Moreover, such big city. I went to Canada with famous Amtrak.