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The Gibraltar strait is exceeded and stood in the earth of my first Africa. Seeing behind is Seuta of Spain. It was achieved to stand in the earth in Africa which was one of the purposes of the travel at this time. The Gibraltar strait is not sufficient for 40 minutes and can crossed if going from Spain by a high-speed ship. The ship shook to the under at the center of the strait because of the current that the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean are complex. The equator is exceeded on the tip of this earth and I have the big Africa continent which cannot be imagined to the south very much.

It is a town of Tetouan of continental Morocco in Africa. There are a lot of white houses as calling Casa(roof)-Blanca(white). A little different scenery in Andalusia area of Spain. I decided to go because Bazzar was opened as lucky in this town. The commodity which does not sell is displayed to both sides of a narrow passage. This looks like the picles market of Paris. When it is understood that I am a tourist talking from the following to the following is the same all over the world.

It is an open space in front of the royal palace of Tetouan. Because it was Sunday exactly, it was crowded with many sightseers and the citizen. A guide man moves as before and comes. It admires it when there are so many guides well. The bazaar is open being held when it goes through the right of the royal palace. It rambled through a narrow alley like a maze everywhere, and had a meal on the way in the restaurant. It eats with the hand.

This is the Spanish side town of Ceuta. It is in Africa. It exceeds the border from here, and goes into Morocco. It takes about one hour to get the stamp of the visa. If a guide is called and money is paid, it is said that it is finished at only 10 minutes. It is the story which is everywhere.